Friday, 13 November 2009

CSD Challenge:

Scrapper Idol :

THEME: “Heritage: Someone from the Past”
  1. IMPORTANT: Please READ the guidelines carefully, all of them please and adhere to the rules and guidelines. We found a number of layouts from week1 that did not follow the theme and/or the color scheme within the rules for week1. Week2 is more intense, and requirements must be followed so we can have a fair competition. So please everyone, read these rules and guidelines carefully and take your time to create a master piece! Your layout speaks of you and your talent so make sure you have checked all the rules before submitting your page and put your best creation out there. Please adhere to the theme, colors and rules or your page will be disqualified.
  2. How Many Layouts: Only ONE layout per contestant please
  3. Layout RULE: you may “not” use a layout you have already made for another challenge.
  4. KITS: Use any kit you desire and credit Designer or Designers accordingly
  5. Colors: For the main colors use deep rich burgundies, deep rich greens, deep rich browns, deep rich golds. For the accents on your page, use the following lighter colors use: Pastel browns, pastel burgundies, pastel greens, pastel golds NOTE: stick to this color scheme please for the majority of the layout. Please include most of these colors in your page or at a minimum 2 contrasting colors from this list.
  6. Photos: photos MUST be “Black and White” no sepia tones, just black and white
  7. Style and Theme: Heritage, Vintage
  8. Elements & Papers: Use a Minimum of 3 papers (anyway you like) and 7 elements. You can use more of each, but no less
  9. Posting Layout: Post them in our CSD Gallery Category: “Scrapper Idol WEEK 2” and then go to the Week2 forum post and post your layout there with the url to your page in the gallery.
  10. Deadline: All layouts must be submitted/posted to the gallery and posted to this forum by this deadline. CLICK HERE for dealine:
  11. Additional NOTE: try to include a title/journal entry to tell the world what the page is all about

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